Lighting Maintenance Omaha NE and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to YESCO Nebraska, your business lighting maintenance experts! In addition to your signs, we cover parking lot lights, parking garage / warehouse lighting, building and premise lighting, even interior lighting.We also do high efficiency retrofits! Shoot us a service request, an email, or give us a call and we will get you taken care of straight away!


Lighting Repair

Here at YESCO,our goal is to respond as quickly, as effectively, and as efficiently as possible. We are willing to provide free, regularly recurring patrols of your locations to help you spot outages. And what’s more, for a monthly fee we can also include free diagnosis and repairs on everything our patrollers find on each patrol! This is a great way to take lighting repair off your plate completely, while budgeting in what would otherwise be un-planned expenses, and while getting repairs taken care of before you or your customers even notice them.