Lighting Retrofit

YESCO Prince Edward Island is leading the charge when it comes to energy-efficient lighting retrofit services! Whether you are considering updating your parking lot lights, parking garage fixtures, interior or exterior building lighting, or even your signage, we are prepared to help you do it at the biggest bang for your buck. Between our industry knowledge, technical expertise, as well as our access to the best products, there really is no better teammate around to help you make the switch.

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

LED retrofits are particularly useful in colder environments as they provide much better performance in cold winter weather than fluorescent, neon, and other gas-based lighting options. These older style lights dim significantly and take a very long time to warm up when temperatures are below zero. LEDs actually function better in the cold as the cold temperatures increase conductivity and create better performance. LED retrofits do not require glass bulbs or tubes that can break easily and do not have gases that can leak or escape causing the light to stop functioning. Not to mention they’re one of the most energy-efficient lighting methods on the market, which means they’ll save you money!

Retrofit Lighting Repair

While we anticipate much less frequent maintenance repairs needed, occasionally weather and accidents happen that will require retrofit lighting repairs. We are happy to assist with these as well. Give us a call today or shoot us a service request and our manager will be happy to start working with you on this!