Sign Repair | Prince Edward Island

We recognize that the sign on your building is the face of your business and that its condition has a direct bearing on how you are perceived by the public. Here at YESCO we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get, and keep, this part of your business in top shape! We are committed to helping businesses in PEI be their best, and that’s why we make ourselves available for emergency and 24-hour sign repair needs.

We Fix Signs so you Don’t Have to!

Our techs can offer a diagnosis only repair and put a “do not exceed” (DNE) on the job order so as not to go over a budgeted amount discussed with the customer service representative. The tech or CSR will be in touch with you while the tech is on-site. Should you decide to have the service completed the diagnosis will be applied to the final price of the job. This allows us to only charge for a single trip, which saves you money.