Lighting Repair in Shreveport

Our YESCO team is prepared to provide lighting repair services for any type of lighting fixture you may have on your property. Whether it is a parking lot pole that is out, parking garage fixture, interior or exterior lighting, premise lighting, or something else, we have the aerial equipment to reach it and the experience to get it working properly.

Fluorescent Light Repair

Fluorescent lights are a very cost-effective method of lighting large areas such as parking lots and garages. There are very few maintenance costs because of how long they last. While popular, they can be dangerous if installed or fixed incorrectly. Our technicians are certified for all types of fluorescent light repairs and will be happy to assist you. Call us today!

Fluorescent Light Repair

Neon Light Repair

Neon lights make some of the most eye-catching displays and signs available on the market. The distinctive color is difficult to replicate artificially as the glow comes from specific rarefied gases. Cracks in the bulbs allow this gas to leak out, which causes dim or completely burned-out sections. Our sign technicians know how to repair damaged neon signs better than anyway. Call us today for your neon light repairs!

Neon Light Repair Example
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