St. Louis Lighting & Sign Repair Company

Welcome to YESCO St. Louis! We are the best choice for timely, reliable, high caliber sign and lighting service. Below is a list of our areas of expertise:

Sign Repair & Service

We are prepared to take on all of your sign repair needs! Whether it be Neon or Channel Letter, Illuminated or Non-Illuminated,  Pole, Pylon, Monument, or on the building itself, we will do the job to your utmost satisfaction

Lighting Maintenance & Repair

We are ready to take care of all your lights as well! Whether it be parking garage lighting, parking lot lighting, building or premise lighting, we are capable of providing the best in lighting maintenance and repair service!

Energy-Efficient Lighting & Lighting Retrofits

This service is relatively new to the industry and can save you a lot of money by drastically cutting your energy consumption. The monthly energy savings from installing energy-efficient lighting, coupled with the significantly longer lasting life they offer, makes this a home run. Whether you are considering retrofitting your sign,  premise, or building lighting (even indoors), we are ready to assist!

Sign and Lighting Maintenance Contracts

Another service we offer is our Monthly Maintenance Agreement, which can apply to lighting, signage, or both. For a regular fee, we patrol your location multiple times each month for any outages, get them repaired asap at no cost to you, and let you know about each one. Let us know the need and we will come out and take a look!

(314) 880-9594