Sign Repair

We build signs in our shop and we know how to repair them if something goes wrong. New construction usually has LED module strips and 12 volt or 24 volt transformers that replace previously used neon tubes or fluorescent lamps that were run by high voltage ballasts at 120V, 240V or 347V.

Our technicians have been trained to diagnosis a wide range of problems, from the inside junction box to the tip of your sign or area lighting. We can repair and install lamps, ballasts, transformers, wiring, connectors, conduit, photo cells and timers. We carry the most common parts on our service truck, expecting to repair most signs on first visit. 

We can replace and repair fluorescent lamp (outdoors and indoors), LEDs, pot lights, spotlights, LED ribbon, etc.

If your sign face is broken or faded, we can fix that too. We have access to the production facilities of a few local sign shops with a wide variety of fabrication skills.

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