Lighting Retrofit

YESCO’s combination of industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a network of the top lighting vendors make us the best partner for your retrofit lighting needs. With LED retrofitting we remove existing, less efficient sign and lighting fixtures and replacing them with LED’s which are a much more reliable, better performing, and more energy-efficient type of lighting. We will conduct a survey of your site and match your priorities with the right lighting solution for you. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service from the start of your retrofit project to the end. Call us today for your lighting service, LED, and lighting retrofit needs.

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

When we replace old lighting systems, we use energy-efficient lights in the process. These lights end up using less electricity which saves you money monthly. Further, they often require fewer maintenance costs over time which also helps your bottom dollar. Both of these money-saving options have the added benefit of being very eco-friendly as they require less electricity and produce less waste. We highly recommend looking into a retrofit lighting solution for your business!

Retrofit Lighting Repairs

While we expect much less frequent maintenance repairs needed, occasionally weather and accidents happen that will require retrofit lighting repairs. We are happy to assist with these as well. Give us a call today or shoot us a service request and our manager will be happy to start working with you on this!