Parking Lot Lighting Repair in Delaware – Wilmington, Newark, Middletown & Beyond

Here at YESCO we specialize in addressing all of your lighting needs, not just signs! Let us come out and take care of your parking lot, garage, and premise lighting and help preserve both the appearance and safety of your location. We have the skill, equipment and resources to get the job done in a snap so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


Also, do you have any idea how much your parking and premise lights are costing your business each month? Especially in economically tight times, businesses are constantly trying to find ways to cut expenses. Our lighting retrofits offer unprecedented fluorescent energy efficiency that will significantly lower your operating costs each month. Furthermore, with power company rebate offers, you may not even have to pay for it all. With cost-saving incentives and generous rebate offers, an investment now can yield serious long term benefits to your bottom line.


Call today for a free quote on parking lot lighting repair services in Wilmington, Newark, Middletown, and the surrounding areas.

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