Lighting Maintenance Calgary

Larger properties can have hundreds of parking lot and building lights that constantly need maintenance and repair.  To help even out the ups and downs of repair work, we offer maintenance contracts which break down the repair work into monthly payments spread out over the year.   Instead of waiting for the year and trying to fix everything in the fall when it gets dark in Calgary early, keep tabs on it all year round and avoid big one-time expenditures.

Lighting Repair

Lights are just as important as signs in making your property inviting and safe in Calgary.  Dark parking lots will keep clients away compared to bright, inviting lots that will encourage customers to come in.  With our 45 foot bucket truck we have the reach to get to lights in high up and difficult access areas.


Neon Light Repair

Neon in Calgary is used for more than just signs – often building trim is lit with neon tubes as well.  We can service neon trim or offer LED replacements to save power and maintenance costs.

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