YESCO: Your Trusted Lighting Maintenance Experts in Calgary

Welcome to YESCO! We know there are many sign and lighting companies you could choose from; we’re here to earn your business. With years of industry experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction, we’ve been brightening the lives of Calgarians, one light bulb at a time.

The YESCO Difference

What sets YESCO apart from other companies is our unique approach and commitment to service. For those looking for predictable monthly maintenance costs, we offer fixed-cost maintenance contracts, designed to provide you with peace of mind. Our sign patrollers proactively check your property, automatically scheduling repairs as needed over the course of the contract. This service extends beyond lighting maintenance. We offer additional services such as sign cleaning and repainting, bollard and flag pole painting, parking lot light cleaning, and more. A maintenance agreement with YESCO allows you, as a property manager, to more easily budget for repairs and maintenance over the contract period, ensuring your property looks its best for the safety and well-being of your staff and customers.

Understanding Lighting Maintenance

Lighting maintenance goes beyond merely replacing a burnt-out bulb. It’s an intricate process involving the inspection, upkeep, and repair of lighting systems to ensure optimal efficiency and safety. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your lights but also improves energy efficiency, safety, and the aesthetic appeal of your premises. In Calgary, where the weather places unique demands on lighting systems, regular lighting maintenance is particularly important.

Illuminating the Different Lighting Systems

In our work at YESCO, we encounter a variety of lighting systems, each with its unique maintenance needs. These systems include LED, fluorescent, HID (high-intensity discharge), and incandescent lights. We’re experts in maintaining all these systems, ensuring optimal brightness and efficiency, regardless of Calgary’s weather fluctuations.

Navigating Calgary’s Lighting Regulations

YESCO is well-versed in Calgary’s specific regulations and standards for lighting maintenance. Our team ensures that all our services strictly adhere to these local laws, covering safety requirements, energy efficiency standards, and the proper disposal of certain types of light bulbs.

The Bright Benefits of Regular Lighting Maintenance

Regular lighting maintenance offers numerous benefits. It helps maintain energy efficiency, lowers cost over time, ensures safety, and preserves the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. Given Calgary’s seasonal variations, regular lighting maintenance ensures your systems perform at their best, regardless of the weather.

Lighting Up Your Life: Our Services

At YESCO, we provide a range of lighting maintenance services designed to meet your needs. Our offerings include routine maintenance, emergency repairs, retrofitting older systems for improved energy efficiency, comprehensive lighting design, and safe waste disposal.

Safety First: Emergency Lighting Maintenance

Reliable lighting can make all the difference in an emergency. That’s why YESCO offers dedicated emergency lighting maintenance services to ensure that your systems function flawlessly when you need them the most.

Lighting the Way to a Greener Future

At YESCO, we’re committed to environmentally friendly practices. We recycle old bulbs wherever possible and prioritize the use of energy-efficient bulbs. This reduces both our carbon footprint and your energy bill.

Who We Are

We’re YESCO, Calgary’s trusted lighting maintenance experts. With our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of Calgary’s lighting regulations, and commitment to excellent service, we brighten up your spaces while you sit back and relax.

Hear It From Our Happy Clients

Don’t just take our word for it; hear from our satisfied customers as you read through our customer reviews on this page and throughout the web.

Investment in Brightness: Our Pricing

Every project is unique, and so is its pricing. At YESCO, we offer not-to-exceed (NTE) agreements. Our service technician will complete the repair as long as it costs less than the authorized NTE amount. If the repair is expected to exceed this, we will stop work and contact you immediately. If you prefer, we can diagnose the problem separately and provide a detailed quote. Please note, we do need to charge for our time spent diagnosing the problem. If you decide to proceed with repair work, the cost of the diagnosis can be applied to the service invoice.

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