Energy-Efficient Lighting Cincinnati

Here at YESCO Cincinnati, we believe in the potential high efficiency lighting holds for your business. With cutting edge technology at our disposal, we are prepared to help you improve the appearance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness of all of the lighting on your premise. Let’s talk about which energy-efficient lighting solutions can save you the most money.


Energy-Efficient Lights

In Cincinnati, like any market, business owners are always looking to boost their bottom line–especially in uncertain economic times. One way to do this is to sell more product or services; another is to simply cut overhead costs. Just think of the profit that is hiding in your old, inefficient lighting that could be released with Energy-Efficient Lights! Without making a single additional sale, you could be putting money back in your pocket each month in the form of decreased energy costs and virtually eliminated maintenance costs.


Lighting Retrofit

Let us help you make the switch from old, traditional lighting to a variety of cutting-edge options that will heighten performance, slash the energy consumption, and drastically prolong the life of each fixture. What’s more, with generous power company rebates, you may not even have to pay for all of your lighting retrofit! This is a remarkable opportunity, and vast numbers of companies across the country are making the switch. Our team has the expertise, buying power, and equipment to get the job done quickly and profitably for you!