Digital Billboards in Elko

Digital billboards are the most exciting and dynamic formats in the out-of-home advertising industry. This advanced LED technology rotates static advertising messages every six to eight seconds, offering advertisers new opportunities to deliver real-time messages to the traveling public. It has transformed the world’s oldest advertising medium into one of today’s most effective marketing vehicles.

Multiple Messages, One Location

Digital outdoor advertising’s edge springs from its ability to deliver multiple messages at a single location, allowing marketers to deliver the right content at just the right time.


Share your message the moment you need to. Adapt to the market and achieve marketing objectives quickly. Create anticipation, customize programs, and build ongoing relationships with the consumer.


There’s no need to wait for vinyl production and installation. The newest display technology offers the best color definition and image quality day and night. It makes budgeting easier, lets you react rapidly to what works and eliminates the delays and costs of printing.

High Reach

We offer locations in high-impact areas, allowing you to quickly optimize distribution, circulation, and visibility.