Energy-Efficient Lighting Grand Rapids

YESCO Grand Rapids is an industry leader in providing energy efficient lighting solutions and retro fits! We have the industry knowledge, product knowledge, and technical ability to take your location’s entire lighting system (or a piece of it) and update it to the finest products.


Energy-Efficient Lights

Performance: Retrofitting your signs and lighting yields powerful results. First, you can significantly improve the brightness of your location without increasing the number of fixtures. Second, you can improve the lighting atmosphere by dialing in to the exact color and shade that you want. Want an example? Visit a business that has made the switch to LED, Induction, or another modern fixture and see the difference.


Energy/Maintenance Cost Saving: Retrofitting your lights and signs drives bang for buck! First, a high efficiency bulb or LED module generates more light at lower wattage- and so allows you to generate the same amount of light with less power. The power savings add up! Second, They last longer- a lot longer. Most good LED products have 5+ year guarantees, which significantly reduces replacement/ maintenance expenses over time. Call us today to discuss all of your energy efficient lighting needs.

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