Lighting Maintenance in Grand Rapids

Here at YESCO Grand Rapids, we recognize how important your lighting is to you. From the general appearance of your location to the safety considerations for your customers and employees, to the experience you want both to have while they are on your site- each of these factors requires that you have sufficient lighting and that it is functioning properly.

The YESCO Difference; What Sets us Apart from Other Sign Companies

Would you like to budget your sign and lighting maintenance? At YESCO Sign & Lighting in Grand Rapids, we are happy to price out a maintenance agreement for your facility. In addition to providing the regular patrols, we promptly fix what we find, and are responsible for keeping everything at top-notch all for a flat monthly rate. This takes sign and lighting maintenance off of your plate entirely, enables us to provide prompt and hassle-free repairs, and allows you to budget better by avoiding unplanned expenses.


Lighting Maintenance