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Reduce your energy costs

By replacing your old lighting systems with brighter, energy-efficient fixtures, you can enhance your business’s appeal and attract more customers. Furthermore, upgrading your costly lighting products will significantly reduce your energy expenses. At YESCO Grand Rapids, we offer financing and shared savings alternatives to help you achieve these benefits.

We’re here to help

If your business experienced sign and/or lighting damage as a result of spring showers, we’re here to help you.

YESCO Grand Rapids’ skilled service staff is responsive and reliable. We stand ready to get your damaged sign and/or lighting back in working condition. Because we have the experts, equipment, and ability you can rest assured that your signs and lighting will convey the intended impression that will make the needed difference to help your business succeed.

Gaines Marketplace Sign Repair

Our YESCO team repaired this large pylon sign at Gaines Marketplace in Caledonia, Michigan. The customer called us out to troubleshoot their pylon sign that was not lighting properly. When we arrived on site, our electrical team got to work and was able to determine the power issues and resolve them. Our team also resolved some other power issues with parking lot poles while troubleshooting the sign repair. Great work by our Grand Rapids team to resolve the electrical issues at this property!

Gaines Marketplace
Gaines Marketplace