Neon Sign Repair

Local Sign Repair

YESCO Greenville is an expert in all things lighting and sign repair. Our team services a variety of signs and light fixtures. Our professional team can diagnose your issue, provide repair estimates, and offer alternative LED options.  

Last month, YESCO repaired a large flexible face road sign for North American Title Loans. After removing the sign’s face, YESCO’s technicians replaced 12 bulbs and 6 ballasts to bring the sign back to full illumination. The experienced team at YESCO was able to complete the job in under 6 hours, from start to finish.

Call the service experts at YESCO for all your sign and lighting needs.

LED Retrofit With Chick-Fil-A

YESCO Greenville had the opportunity to do an LED retrofit at Chick-Fil-A on Woodruff Road. We replaced the older style metal halide parking lot light fixtures with LEDs.

The new fixtures provide more lighting, while using a fraction of the power, and virtually eliminating the need for maintenance for years to come.

If your parking lot is dark or you’re tired of paying expensive repair bills, give YESCO a call to discuss some LED retrofit options.

Our sales team at YESCO can recommend replacement light fixtures that will improve nighttime visibility and work with Duke Energy to qualify the project for energy savings rebates.

Surveys show that customers are more willing to shop at stores with well-lighted parking lots, give YESCO a call today.

Message Boards

Here at YESCO Greenville we are famous for our signage services. Did you know this also includes message boards? Message boards are a great way to advertise your business because they are so versatile. You can change the information on the board at any time, and use it for any occasion. That’s why we offer installation and service for your business in order to help you with utilizing this great tool. Call us today to learn more!

Neon Sign Repair