Expert Sign and Lighting Service

Since 1920 our skilled technicians have been keeping our customers’ signs and lighting looking great and working the way they are supposed to. With a hassle-free maintenance agreement, we can spot problems and make repairs before you or anyone else realizes they are needed. YESCO sign service experts are ready to provide the quality service you need by maximizing the benefits your signs and lighting deliver. We also offer energy-efficient lighting retrofits. That’s value!

We serve customers of all sizes, whether you have a single store, regional locations, or a network of locations across the US and Canada. We can tailor our services to meet your individual needs. We have the knowledge, staff, and equipement to solve your problems competently and quickly. Let us take signs and lighting off of your worry list!

Who do I call?

If you have a single-site, local, or regional locations, contact a local service office.

If you have multiple locations spanning a national footprint, contact the YESCO National Service team.


A maintenance agreement is a no-hassle way to protect your company’s image by keeping your signs and lighting at peak working condition. YESCO charges a flat monthly rate with no hidden extras. This eliminates invoices to review and unexpected sign repair expenses. All above-ground labor and materials for maintenance and repairs for the signs and lighting listed in the agreement are covered, including neon, transformers, housings, lamps, ballasts, and wiring. As an added value to our maintenance clients, YESCO offices send out regular patrols to check your location thoroughly. This often allows us to dispatch a technician to repair outages before anyone at your location has even noticed them.


For companies that do not have a maintenance agreement with YESCO, we offer lighting and sign repairs on a time and material basis. Our prices are competitive, our expertise and equipment are unrivaled, and we respond in a timely manner. Repair request forms are available by clicking below. Simply fill out the online form and send it to us.

Request A Repair Form


Electric Business Signs and Displays

Electric business signs and displays often provide the first impression of a business and can play a critical role in creating lasting perceptions. At YESCO, we understand the value of a properly working sign. We have built our reputation on maximizing our clients’ sign investments by keeping their displays functioning properly and looking their best. Since 1920, YESCO has offered improvements and helped businesses and organizations in virtually every industry maximize their success by providing superior sign and display service and maintenance.

Exterior Lighting Maintenance

Outages in canopy lighting, wall packs and parking lot lighting can hurt your business and reduce safety levels. We’ll help you avoid these problems by responding quickly and expertly to your repair and maintenance needs and keeping your exterior lighting in top working condition.

Sign Paint and Plastics

Weather, vandals and accidents play a role in discoloring and damaging sign faces and paint finishes. YESCO can handle these repairs from start to finish with in-house sign painters and manufacturing capabilities to repair or replace sign and letter faces as needed.

Basic Electrical Troubleshooting

We have the capability to perform basic electrical repairs. These types of repairs are usually related to photocells, time clocks, outlets and wiring for sign and lighting components.

Sign & Lighting Patrol

Many needed sign repairs and lighting outages go unnoticed during daytime working hours. Letting these problems go unresolved can hurt businesses, damage images and jeopardize safety. YESCO offers patrol services to regularly check signs and lighting.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

We can help you start saving right away by upgrading your expensive lighting products with energy-efficient lighting systems.  YESCO provides financing and shared savings options that will allow you to complete your retrofit with no additional monthly expenses to your business.


To ensure your signs and lighting are looking their best, we offer complimentary sign and lighting patrols to inspect the condition of your signs and lighting. We can often spot problems and make repairs before you or anyone else realizes they are needed.

YESCO service experts are ready to provide the quality service you need by maximizing the benefits your signs and lighting deliver.


We are experts at providing interior and exterior sign and lighting turnkey retrofit solutions. Our team will provide a comprehensive approach to your lighting system. We’ll show you how to reduce energy costs, maintenance expenses, and qualify for applicable energy rebates. YESCO has multiple financing options that can make your retrofit project a cash-positive scenario for your business.

  • Turnkey project management. From product specification to installation, will handle the job from start to finish.
  • Enhance your facility’s appearance while saving money.
  • Payback analysis which includes maintenance, energy savings and rebate analysis.
  • Extended warranty programs.
  • Financing options available.

We’re ready to help turn on some savings and help your business shine with energy-efficient lighting.