Designing out of home advertising is a special creative challenge. Out of home designs require a disciplined and succinct creative approach. If done well the advertisements should be a quick burst of essential information, and will make a big impact with a lasting impression. If you have placed your ad in a location specified by your geographic targets. Be sure to design with your target audience in mind to accurately impact your intended audience. Below are some quick tips to help create intriguing and effective designs.

Be clear, bold, and memorable.

The most effective designs focus on a single idea or concept. The advertiser should always consider the most important product or service benefit to communicate. Additional messages will dilute the message and reduce its impact.

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Keep the design simple focusing on the core idea.

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Use fonts that are easy to read.

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Use 7 words or less to communicate your message.

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If possible rely on imagery over words.

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Draw on universal elements of life, and easily understood concepts.

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Include only one point of contact method (phone numbers are the least effective point of contact).

Solicit a response.

There are several ways to involve viewers by stimulating their emotions and intelligence. Good advertising is storytelling. Viewers interest can also be gained by appealing to aesthetic qualities as well. Just as framed artwork will enhance homes and offices, pleasing artwork in outdoor advertising can make a positive impact on your advertisement.

Use Humor, it arouses the most favorable responses.

Create Intrigue to draw the viewer in the ad.

Viewers react instinctively to an emotional message.

Use vivid colorful photography to enhance designs.

Custom artwork can be enjoyable to study in detail.