Developing an illustration into a practical and constructible design is like participating in a good conversation. It has moments of excitement over engaging ideas, and moments of serious consideration and reflection about those ideas.

The Guitar pylon’s design process was full of challenges and important decisions. Developing an iconic guitar into a large scale replica over 23 times the original size posed a great challenge. A series of critical decisions had to be made to retain the aesthetic beauty of a Gibson Les Paul, and meet the requirements for a large exterior structure that would tower over close proximity photos of countless visitors. Not only did the visual impact of the guitar need to illicit a strong response, but it also had to conform to strict safety protocols and withstand the eroding effects of the environment.

Because of the tremendous support and collaboration between YESCO and the architects, the concept-to-completion was a success. The dedication of the account executives ensured a quality product. The collaboration between architect, engineering and design created a sturdy and visually striking feature. Finally, the high-level skill and expertise provided by YESCO’s fabrication and install crews, constructed a monument that will attract visitors for years to come.

Now that the dust has settled and the lights are dancing, the Hard Rock Guitar stands as a symbol of cooperation between a variety of diverse ideas, backgrounds and individual skillsets. All of which, come together and achieve a common goal of excellence.

As a designer, it has been a memorable experience that will serve as positive inspiration throughout my career.

− Stephen Shortell