Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

YESCO proudly owns the world-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. The sign is leased to Clark County and maintained by YESCO on the County’s behalf. The sign is an icon of Las Vegas and proudly represents YESCO’s historical and current contributions to signs and lighting in Las Vegas and throughout the world.

The founder of YESCO, Thomas Young, is an inductee in the Gaming Hall of Fame. This honor came as a result of YESCO’s literal illumination of Las Vegas through its sign and lighting projects since the 1920’s. Given the sign’s worldwide recognition, it fulfills Mr. Young’s vision to “Tell the World With Signs” and reflects YESCO’s prominence as a long-standing contributor to the glowing Las Vegas skyline.

YESCO periodically receives requests to utilize images of the sign for broadcasting, filmmaking, advertising, and other commercial, government, or non-profit uses. Because of the volume of such requests, YESCO does not formally respond to such inquiries, nor does it provide written approval or sign agreements for any given use. YESCO does not object to the use of the sign so long as the use does not fall within the following limited instances:

  1. The use is derogatory or demeaning to any person or organization, or such use reflects negatively on YESCO, the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and tourism in Nevada generally;
  2. The use is in competition with YESCO in the sign and lighting industry or is in violation of YESCO’s trademark rights to the sign;
  3. The use does not involve the manufacture or installation of a custom working replica or derivative of the sign by someone other than YESCO;
  4. The use is intended to create copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights that are intended to or may prevent the use of the sign by others (other than YESCO’s exclusive use within the sign and lighting industry);
  5. The use does not remove or alter the YESCO logo that is displayed near the bottom of the face of the sign.

If you have further questions about the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, you may contact us at info@yesco.com.