The historic town of Walden, Colorado is the site of an exciting YESCO commission: the rehabilitation of a vintage theater marquee.

The Park Theater opened for business on October 8, 1946.  The first film shown was “The Big Sleep,” with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. During its heyday, the theater ran two shows per night.  Adult tickets were sixty cents, and kids got in for thirty-five cents.  For decades, the centrally-located movie house was a gathering place for residents throughout North Park.  The theater ceased operation in 1982, and its original sign had fallen into an advanced state of disrepair. Today, the historic marquee on Walden’s Main Street is at the site of highly visible improvements taking place throughout the region. A premier restoration was required.

YESCO’s service team was dispatched to make a thorough site survey, and to document existing conditions. All original transformers and wiring were removed and replaced. The dented and damaged face of the sign was fully re-skinned with new metal cladding. The flanking informational reader boards were updated. Horizontal wings were created to extend the sign’s reach across the facade, ensuring full dramatic impact. 

Projects like this require a significant initial investment while also delivering significant aesthetic and economic benefits to our customer. To help offset this initial investment, YESCO Financial Solutions provided financing to cover the cost of the project so that the customer can pay for the investment over time as it realizes the benefits.

An important feat of “re-imagination” took place during the design phase; one heartily embraced by our clients. Denver’s Creative Director, Herm Medina used a serifed Tuscan typeface for all the new lettering, thus lending a fresh, yet period-themed western character to the project.

Fully adorned in neon and resplendent in rich new colors, the Park Theater sign has again come to life–a welcome presence in downtown Walden.