In Honor of Student-Athlete Day

In honor of student-athlete day celebrated on April 6, the following is excerpted from the OAAA thought leadership newsletter published on April 6, 2021:

"April 6 is National Student-Athlete Day, recognizing millions of competitors who will help lead America. In Senator Marco Rubio’s autobiography (“An American Son”), he focuses on the importance of football in his life, particularly youth football in Las Vegas. Rubio published a photo in that book showing young Marco in uniform. His team’s sponsor: Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO).

When YESCO celebrated its 100th year, Senator Rubio published this tribute in the Congressional Record (2020): “I love football. I played it, coached it, and now watch my sons learn the same valuable lessons I did many years ago. Youth sports teach important life lessons and help build pride and a sense of community within schools, neighborhoods, and even cities. I learned those lifelong lessons growing up in Las Vegas, where I played for a youth football team called the Cavaliers. My dad even volunteered as the team’s equipment manager. Congratulations, YESCO, on 100 years of growth and leadership. Thank you (YESCO) . . . for putting a football jersey on a skinny kid in Las Vegas who someday would be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Rubio is right. Athletics builds people and community. On this special day, we honor those on the field of play . . . and their great potential later in life."

Senator Marco Rubio
Meet Charlie Haskell, YESCO Fort Collins

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO (March 2021) - YESCO, the nationally renowned sign service and lighting company with locations around the country, announces Charlie Haskell as Fort Collins, Colorado general manager for its location at 1387 S. Garfield Ave. The Fort Collins branch employs nine people specializing in the highest quality sign and lighting services, including a wide array of repairs and maintenance for custom signs, electronic displays, LED, neon and outdoor media.

Haskell has spent the last thirteen years supporting companies in the Northern Colorado area, helping them grow and succeed through the use of different business services. In his current position, he will continue to build, support and lead the Fort Collins YESCO Sign & Lighting Service team. Haskell previously worked in both sales and management roles for Cintas Corporation and as an account executive for Sprint Business Solutions. “Our Fort Collins office specializes in providing expert repairs and maintenance, supported by YESCO’s experience, resources and infrastructure that makes no project too large.” said Haskell. “Whether simply replacing a few lamps, restoring an iconic local sign or retrofitting an entire business to LED, YESCO makes sure


SALT LAKE CITY (March 2021) YESCO, the 101-year-old company known for creating, repairing, and maintaining internationally recognizable signs, received a proclamation from the City of Sparks, Nevada in honor of its rich history and contributions to the Sparks landscape at the March 8, 2021 city council meeting. Mayor Ed Lawson proclaimed March 21, 2021, as YESCO 101 Years Of Light Day.

Lawson read the proclamation at the virtual meeting, where he stated he joins the community in celebrating an outstanding business with roots in Sparks that has illuminated the identity of so many companies and organizations for the past 101 years. YESCO founder Thomas Young, Sr.’s father, George Young, lived in Sparks and worked for the Southern Pacific Roundhouse. His $300 loan to his son enabled Thomas Young, Sr. to start YESCO in 1920. The first YESCO office in Sparks opened in 1964 on Glendale Road. YESCO’s landmark Sparks signs include John Ascuaga’s Nugget, Alamo Casino, Rail City Casino, Baldini’s Casino, The Sparks Galleria, Sparks Marina, and Sparks Crossing.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Mayor Lawson and the City of Sparks today with this fine proclamation,” said Thomas Young, Jr. “We’ve been doing business in the Reno/Sparks area for 57 years, and we are so grateful to the community for their hospitality and friendship.”

Women in Construction Week March 7-13-2021

The focus of Women in Construction (WIC) Week is to highlight women as a viable component of the construction industry. WIC Week also provides an occasion for NAWIC’s thousands of members across the country to raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry. 

This week we are proud of all our employees and especially honor these women in construction representing the Rocky Mountain region.

YESCO Hamilton Observes MLK Jr. Day of Service

YESCO Hamilton and Sunset Sign Company observed MLK Jr. Day of Service by conducting a food and clothing drive for two local shelters in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

"The act of offering service and kindness was received by our staff very well. Collectively over the past few days we were able to get a reasonable amount of items and take them to the shelters, said David Carley, general manager of YESCO Hamilton. Thanks so much for inviting YESCO Sign and Lighting franchisees to use the strength of our network to help make a difference."

In Honor of National Service Day

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King the United States held a National Day of Service on January 18, 2021. The International Franchise Association (IFA) and YESCO encouraged participation by offering an act of kindness or service to a customer, the community, or an employee.

"Often the small acts of service mean more than the grand ones.  Talk with your team and come up with a way to spread the brightness the YESCO family shares," was the instruction given by Josh Young, president YESCO Franchising.

YESCO Greenville (South Carolina) reached out to Haven of Rest to see if the ministry had any needs. The recovery program is a bible-based charity designed to rescue, restore, and release men and women facing life-dominating problems related to addictions and homelessness.

YESCO was asked to repair a non-functioning light on a flag pole at the mission's housing campus. Shane Hazel, a technician, was able to locate the underground power supply, install a LED flood light and illuminate the American flag.

"The employees are grateful to be able to give back to an organization that has and continues to help many individuals in the Upstate community." said Christina Ridgeway, president YESCO Greenville.

Mark Harmsen, General Manager, YESCO San Diego

YESCO, the nationally renowned sign service and lighting company with locations around the country, announces Mark Harmsen as its San Diego general manager for its new location at 4780 Mission Gorge Place, A-1. The San Diego store employs eight people specializing in the highest quality sign and lighting services, including a wide array of repairs and maintenance for custom signs, electronic displays, LED, neon and outdoor media.

Harmsen is a native of Salt Lake City and moved to San Diego in 2017. Previous to YESCO, he spent 15 years in the entertainment and media sectors. Harmsen holds a master’s degree in management from Columbia University. Other notable business achievements include founding the mobile ticketing technology company Text Me Tix Inc., and revamping KCSG Television to become profitable and ultimately acquired.

“We are pleased to offer YESCO’s industry-leading sign and repair services here in San Diego and I’m thrilled to be leading such a knowledgeable and talented team,” said Harmsen. “This new location enables us to serve the businesses in the area much more efficiently.”

Celebrating Heroes!

In observance of the National Day of Service on January 18, 2021, YESCO East Ohio (C & L Sign and Lighting) along with Graphic Detail, Inc. from Kent, Ohio treated the teachers and staff of Suffield Elementary to sub sandwiches and snacks on January 19. As a gesture of thanks, Craig and Lisa LeMasters, owners, acknowledged the countless selfless acts of kindness the school's team provides to the students. 

"While we are a small community, the impact that the schools show our students is nothing short of true compassion, and a magnitude of commitment.  Today’s elementary schools have more on their shoulders than ever to see that tomorrow’s students represent our future, said Craig."

Below is a copy of the letter sent to the school:

Dear Principal Bookman:

"As a local company in the community, we wanted to express our sincerest gratitude.  We are thankful and value that our schools ensure that our young students start off with the best opportunity of an education and the support needed while tackling the struggles of teaching in-class and remotely.  They tackle each day's challenge with a fresh beginning.  It not easy by any means to teach a classroom of young children, especially with the added obstacles of COVID, yet these fine individuals get up every day with bright smiles to push these children to overcome what they may encounter in their day-to-day lives.  We hope that our small gesture will brighten the day to all those teachers and staff that have made such a profound difference in so many lives.  As many of us are all going through our own personal hardships, losses, and daily hurdles, I hope that today that we as a community can give back to that special person that probably needs that kind word or gesture more than any of us will ever know.  No matter if it’s a thank you, or you did a great job, or just someone to listen to.

Thank you Suffield Elementary teachers and staff for being that light that shines on our children and in our community. "

Craig & Lisa LeMasters

YESCO Ohio East

Mrs. Bookman, Principal, Craig LeMasters, YESCO