D. Duane Wardle Retires
Duane Wardle

D. Duane Wardle formally passed the torch of YESCO chief financial officer (CFO) to Christopher M. Record on September 30, 2015.

Duane first came to YESCO in 1968 as an employee of Peat Marwick Mitchell, a public accounting firm. He spent his first summer at YESCO performing audits at the Las Vegas region office.

“Tom Young Sr. rescued me from public accounting,” Duane said. I had 150 clients, 150 bosses and I wanted only one and a career at YESCO.” At the time Duane didn’t have an adding machine so Mr. Young loaned him his personal machine. Unfortunately, it broke the first day. “It’s funny they didn’t fire me, Duane recalls. Mr. Young sent it out to get fixed and deducted the cost of the repair from Peat Marwick’s bill.”

Within the first year of working at YESCO, Duane was instrumental in securing a large loan transaction. “I remember holding the check. I had never seen a check that big,” said Duane.

“If I had to do it all over again 47 year later, I would do very little different. I wanted the job at YESCO from the first day I walked in. The business was exciting−advertising, leasing, manufacturing−what else could you want?,” Duane reminisced.

During his tenure, Duane spearheaded several lease programs at YESCO, including training and certification of hundreds managers and account executives. In 2008 Utah Business Magazine named him Chief Financial Officer of the Year for Large Private Companies.

The Young family and the entire YESCO team wish Duane and his family the very best.