YESCO Honors Riley Byington
YESCO is honored to celebrate the life of Riley Scott Byington. Riley is a son of Eric Byington, Interior Paint Supervisor at YESCO Las Vegas. As a part of a commitment made to Eric on the CBS series, Undercover Boss, aired on January 15, 2016 it is the company’s great honor to remember Riley and his family every year on his birthday by posting his picture on digital billboards located in Utah, Idaho, Washington and Nevada.
Riley Scott Byington Jan 2017
ISA Chairman of the Board 2017
Jeff Young

“Signs aren’t just signs any more, but part of a much broader based graphic and visual communication platform.”

Salt Lake City, Utah-January 3, 2017-Jeffrey S. Young, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Young Electric Sign Company (YESCO) has been elected ISA (International Sign Association) Chairman of the Board for the year 2017.

“My grandfather, Thomas Young, founder of YESCO, was elected president of the National Sign Association (a precursor of ISA) in 1936 and served for two terms. He and others were able to envision the future in spite of pre-World War II anxieties and pressures. They understood what signs meant to customers and the economy,” said Jeff. Ben F Jones, former general manager of YESCO, also served as NESA president in 1978.

During his tenure, Jeff plans to intensify efforts to help members expand into new printing and digital technologies, most of which are showcased at the annual ISA Sign Expo. He, along with other association leaders, will focus on providing greater support to affiliate associations located throughout North America and abroad. Additionally, they intend to combat influences that threaten or weaken the sign, graphics, and visual communication industry.

“Signs aren’t just signs any more, but part of a much broader based graphic and visual communication platform. Just as our predecessors did, we will work to guide and expand our industry to fulfill our role in building local, national, and international economies. ISA is well positioned to provide the leadership to embrace and leverage these immense opportunities,” said Jeff.

Jeff and his brothers, Michael T. Young, and Paul C. Young, are third generation with YESCO and work closely with their father, Thomas Young Jr, who remains active and involved with the company. Jeff has spent 36 years at YESCO in various positions, including sales and division management. He has worked throughout his career to help YESCO grow to be one of the largest custom sign companies in North America. The company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in three years.

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in business management, with a minor in Japanese. He obtained a master’s degree in business from the University of Utah. He has recently served as the President of the World Sign Associates and was featured in the Emmy Award Winning series Undercover Boss in January of 2016. Jeff has been married for 28 years and has five children.