YESCO Installs Two Brand New 50-Foot Showgirls for City of Las Vegas

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YESCO and the city of Las Vegas announce the installation and official lighting of two brand-new, 50-foot-tall showgirls on the corner of Main Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. These new showgirl signs are double the height of the prior showgirl icons installed in 2018, which each stood 25-feet tall. The showgirls will light up for the first time August 31 at dusk.

The retro-style showgirls will create a lasting legacy for the city as they join the previously installed dice sculptures and sidewalk roulette table to welcome visitors to downtown Las Vegas.

“With an extensive history of fabricating, installing and maintaining Las Vegas’ most internationally recognizable signs, YESCO is thrilled to complete the newest iconic project for the city,” said Jeff Young, executive vice president of YESCO. “These historic signs will welcome visitors to downtown Las Vegas for decades, and we’re proud to have partnered with the city of Las Vegas to bring them to life.”

“Over the decades, YESCO has created some of the most notable signs in Las Vegas, with other recent examples including Downtown’s Gateway Arches and signage at the Circa Resort & Casino,” said city of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman. “These gorgeous signs will continue to elevate Las Vegas’ image as a world-class travel destination beloved by people around the globe.”

The previously installed, 25-foot-tall showgirl signs are currently undergoing refurbishment due to weather damage. They are scheduled to be installed in the Las Vegas Arts District this fall on the corner of Fourth Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, in front of the Las Vegas Deuce double decker bus stop.


  • Height: Each showgirl was 26-feet tall by 8-feet wide
  • Weight: Each showgirl weighed 3,250 pounds.
  • The showgirls were internally illuminated with white LED modules.
  • The headdresses were part of the graphic face and not separate.


  • Height: Each showgirl is 50-feet tall by 15-feet wide
  • Weight: Each showgirl weighs 6,800 pounds
  • The showgirls are internally illuminated with white LED. The headdresses are lit with exposed full-color LED pucks designed to scintillate or twinkle.
  • Each headdress is more than 5-feet tall and 6-feet wide. They were fabricated separately and were the last elements to be installed after the showgirls’ graphic panels were installed.
YESCO Outdoor Expands in Eastern Idaho

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Performance Outdoor Advertising located in Eastern Idaho. The 12 digital billboard faces can be seen driving through the heart of Pocatello as well as Blackfoot, Idaho. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a larger part of the community in Pocatello and Blackfoot.

Visit to look at the new locations.

What is Illuminarium?

Question: What is Illuminarium?

Answer: Illuminarium is the latest addition to AREA 51, the vibrant center of arts and experiences in Las Vegas, Nevada. Illuminarium fully immerses visitors in exhilarating wonders, enriching cultural moments and so much more.

Imagined by Rockwell Group and brought to life by YESCO, Illuminarium's facade is an explosion of color, dimension and dynamic lighting/.

YESCO Announces New Exhibit “Lighting Up Las Vegas: YESCO Marks a Glittering Century” to Move to East Las Vegas Library Beginning September 15

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YESCO announces its new exhibition, “Lighting Up Las Vegas: YESCO Marks a Glittering Century,” will move to the East Las Vegas Library. Currently on display at the Clark County Museum through Monday, August 29 and formerly at the Nevada Humanities Gallery in downtown Las Vegas, this exhibition will open to the public at the East Las Vegas Library on Thursday, September 15. This exhibition is sourced from the LVCVA News Bureau’s extensive archive collection and from UNLV’s Special Collections. This joint exhibition, organized with the support of the LVCVA’s Las Vegas News Bureau and The Neon Museum, examines the history and impact of YESCO in Las Vegas.

The exhibit was originally planned for 2020 to celebrate YESCO’s 100th anniversary, which took place that year, but was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. “Lighting Up Las Vegas” follows the intertwined stories of the company, city and technology, as well as the men and women who made it all possible.

Las Vegas and neon are synonymous with each other. When anyone thinks of Las Vegas, their mind’s eye instantly conjures images of its dazzling skyline and brilliant lights. YESCO has played a significant role in creating Las Vegas’ shining reputation. The company has created countless signs defining the look and feel of Las Vegas. From its early use of neon on Fremont Street in the 1930s, to the Strip “spectaculars” of the 1950s and 1960s, to the cutting-edge technologies of today, YESCO has shaped the image of Las Vegas. Its iconic signs have come to be recognized as works of art, and their significance transcends their function as mere advertisements.


Boulder Club/Photo 5947:

In 1945, the Boulder Club hired YESCO to redesign its 1933 sign. The new sign, credited as the first “spectacular,” combined a tall vertical tower that read “Boulder Club” and “Enjoy the Old West.” The sign industry used the term “spectacular” to refer to the largest and brightest signs.

Aladdin/Photo 19038-7:

YESCO and AD-ART competed for the Aladdin sign. YESCO won the bid, and they designed and installed it in 1966. The three-sided marquee featured a modeled genie lamp at the top covered in incandescent bulbs.

Stardust/Photo 7232-3:

In 1958, YESCO’s design for the Stardust set a new standard for signage on the Strip. Designed by Kermit Wayne, the sign wrapped the building in neon and featured three-dimensional planets and comets. It was 216 feet long and 27 feet high. 
Photo by Milt Palmer/Las Vegas News Bureau.

Jeff Young Appointed President of Salt Lake City Rotary Club 24
Jeff Young

Jeff Young, YESCO executive vice president, was recently appointed as the new president of the Salt Lake City Rotary Club 24. Prior to his designation as president, the-generation Rotarian has spent over 24 years contributing to the club.

With an extensive family history of giving back to the community, Jeff's two brothers, Mike Young and Paul Young, also served on the club's board of directors and as former presidents. Most recently, Jeff's father, Thomas Young, Jr, received the 2022 Summit Award by the club and was honored as a second-generation Rotarian with 64 years of service. Jeff's mother, Dwan Young, was also concurrently recognized for her lifetime of service, including serving as general primary president for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, chairman of the Primary Children's Hospital's board of trustees and vice-chairman and secretary of Intermountain Health Care's board of trustees. Additionally, Jeff's grandfather Thomas Young, Sr, also served as a lifetime member of the club throughout his career.

"As a third-generation member of the Salt Lake City Rotary Club, it is an absolute honor to continue my family legacy of giving back to the local community," said Jeff. "I'm grateful for the opportunity to step into a leadership position with this organization and continue its work to improve the lives of individuals in our community and elsewhere."

Old Rendering Gets a Colorful New Look

In 2013, retired Las Vegas art director Harold Bradford completed a painting of the Silver Slipper sign mounted on one of our vintage trucks. The painting is based on a black and white photo taken in 1958 in front of the original YESCO Las Vegas building.

Bradford is well-known for designing many of YESCO’s famous displays including the Stratosphere, Buffalo Bill’s, and the Rio Hotel and Casino. Since his retirement from YESCO, Bradford has continued to create similar oil paintings such as a beautiful desert landscape displayed at McCarran Airport. 

After its retirement in 1988, the slipper was restored and put on display at the Las Vegas Neon Museum alongside some of Las Vegas’s most iconic neon signs. 

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YESCO Designs, Fabricates, Install New Signage at Montego Bay Casino Resort

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YESCO announces the design, fabrication and installation of new signage at Montego Bay Casino & Resort in Wendover, Nevada.

The iconic palm tree neon pylon sign was modernized by YESCO to lower power consumption and match the new Montego Bay branding with a 60-foot-tall architectural display. The colors and new “window” feature on the building are now incorporated with a 15-foot-by-28-foot Samsung EMC screen.

In addition, YESCO also upgraded the 14-foot-by-48-foot outdoor billboard with a 12-foot-by-30-foot Samsung EMC screen and newly refreshed lettering and lighted LED track.

Upgrades to signage across the rest of the property are currently underway to eliminate neon and fluorescent lighting.


  • YESCO began fabrication of the Montego Bay project in October 2021.
  • It took approximately 3,400 man-hours to complete the project.
  • Height: 60-feet-tall-by-28-feet-wide
  • Weight: 20,000 pounds

“We are thrilled with how the outdoor signage turned out,” said Jeff Krantz, account executive, YESCO. “The displays will play a vital role in the rebranding of Montego Bay Casino & Resort and we are proud to be part of such a momentous project.”