Interior LED Display for OnSet Financial

OnSet Financial knows the need for speed. As their motto says, "when you need it you need it." At YESCO, we understand and do our best to meet customers' timelines.  Enjoy this fast-paced time lapse video of a unique interior LED display.     

Mark Ritenour, YESCO Phoenix Design Directo Receives Award

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Mark Ritenour, design director for YESCO in Chandler, Arizona, received awards for his work on new economic development signs for the City of Chandler.

At a recent ceremony, Mark Ritenour received two awards from the Arizona Sign Association for best monument sign and best of show. He designed the new signage located throughout the employment corridor in the City of Chandler, which was installed last month.

Ritenour has worked in the sign industry for more than 20 years and designs custom electric signage for a variety of industries. He specializes in pylons, monuments and directional displays.

“I am honored to receive awards for my designs from the City Of Chandler,” said Mark Ritenour, design director, YESCO. “I’m grateful to know the city appreciates the work and that it will call attention to its thriving business community for years to come.”

Fans Headed to PAC-12 Championship Game Will See YESCO On Display

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YESCO is a proud partner of the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant Stadium. Fans visiting the stadium this Friday, Dec. 3, to watch the University of Utah play Oregon for the PAC 12 Football Championship will see nearly 4,000 signs YESCO fabricated for the venue, including all stadium naming signage, pylon sign and interior and exterior directional signs.

Encompassing approximately 50,000-man hours of work, YESCO fabricated and installed the exterior signage including the two rooftop signs spanning an impressive 564 feet each for a combined total of 115,056 square feet and comprising nearly two miles of outline lighting. With the exception of the interior scoring system provided by other vendors, YESCO built many other signs, such as the stadium’s freestanding pylon sign, measures 124 feet in height and 44 feet in width, with the electronics portion measuring 80-by-36 feet. With the exception of the pylon sign, all signs fabricated by YESCO were designed by Infinite Scale of Salt Lake City.

To accentuate the dramatic architecture of the stadium, YESCO installed white light ribbons comprising one-and-a-half total miles of light band. Massive individual illuminated letters reading “Allegiant Stadium” on the interior and exterior of the facility range from 20 to 31 feet in height. At Raiders Headquarters, the Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center, YESCO also installed all building and directional signs, including the pinnacle, outdoor Raiders’ shield sign measuring 27 by 25 feet.

YESCO enjoyed collaborating with Infinite Scale, the designer of record, as well as the general contractors on the project, Mortenson Construction and McCarthy Construction.

YESCO Designs, Fabricates and Installs Signs in the West Chandler Employment Corridor

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YESCO announces the design, fabrication and installation of new West Chandler Employment Corridor signage in Chandler, Arizona to help strengthen the area’s image and sense of place.

YESCO installed nine monument signs at each major intersection along Chandler Boulevard and Ray Road between McClintock Drive and 56th Street.

The City of Chandler will bring its “Feel Good Friday” promotion to West Chandler this holiday season and will visit area businesses and reward shoppers with gift cards to thank them for choosing Chandler.


  • Nine monument signs were installed, each weighing approximately 2,300 pounds.
  • Each monument sign measures 15 feet tall.
  • It took YESCO 1,025 man-hours to design, fabricate the install the signs.
  • The West Chandler employment corridor encompasses approximately seven square miles with more than 630 businesses employing 29,000 workers.
  • With nearly six miles of frontage along Interstate 10 and Loop 202, West Chandler is seen my hundreds of thousands of commuters each day.

“We are excited to install these signs for the City of Chandler,” said Kelly G. Chipman, senior account executive, YESCO. “These monuments will celebrate West Chandler’s robust economic landscape for years to come.” “Our goal is to enhance the West Chandler employment corridor’s sense of place through this project,” said Michael Winer, Economic Development Specialist at the City of Chandler. “Working with YESCO, we were able to come up with a sign design that stands out, is on brand for our city, and includes a high-tech theme that represents the industry base in West Chandler.”

YESCO Design, Fabricates and Installs New Signs at Loma Linda University

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YESCO announces the design, fabrication and installation of new signs for Loma Linda University (LLU) in Loma Linda, California.

Started in September 2018, the signage project encompassed four phases. The first phase included the installation of five over-the-road (OTR) signs, including hanging cantilevers with Department of Transportation (DOT) displays and five monuments. The second phase included the installation of three OTR hanging cantilevers with DOT displays and five monuments. Phase three included the installation of one OTR hanging cantilever with DOT displays, one monument alongside a directional reface for the grand opening of a new hospital and a new emergency entrance. The fourth and final phase of the project included two bridge signs with DOT displays.

The sign installation surrounds the LLU campus and includes Academy St., east- and westbound on Stewart and north- and southbound on Anderson St. The signs are also on display from Campus St. to Barton Rd. And, on Barton Rd., the signs go east- and westbound before Anderson St and eastbound on Waterman Ave.


  • It took YESCO 12,482 man-hours to complete the sign project.
  • The largest sign, a bold statement piece, measures 19-feet-tall with a 47-foot cantilever attached to 13.5-feet deep concrete footing installed on a hillside along Barton Road.
  • All monuments and OTR signs incorporate an art piece created by local artists. LLU called for entries in from October 2018 to March 2019 and again from April 2020 to August 2021. The University voted on three finalists for each location. From there, the city planning commission selected the winners.
  • The OTR signs weigh approximately 17,000 pounds. The cantilever weighs 9,500 pounds.

“YESCO has been working with Loma Linda University for more than 20 years, and we look forward to continuing to support their vision,” said Michael Reyes, project manager, YESCO. “We’re gratified to say our client is very pleased with the results."

YESCO Installs Video Screen at Onset Financial

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YESCO announces the installation of a Watchfire 1.9mm 1440-by-2560 fine pitch interior LED display at Onset Financial in Draper, Utah, with assistance from YESCO Creative Solutions.

The Onset Financial LED Display is located in the office lobby.

YESCO Creative Solutions contributed design elements to the new signs, and YESCO worked with Watchfire to install the new, high-resolution 1.9mm LED digital screen.


  • It took YESCO 203 man-hours to complete the sign project.
  • This project included the finest pixel pitch interior display that YESCO has installed along the Wasatch Front to date.

“YESCO was proud to fabricate and install this new display at Onset Financial,” said Joel Warden, branch manager, YESCO. “Installing a 1.9mm LED digital screen of this large size is rare, and the enhanced sign makes an eye-catching addition to the building’s lobby.”

Neon Still Stokes Nostalgia in Las Vegas

Neon still stokes nostalgia in Las Vegas and beyond despite a dimming future

When Eric Elizondo repairs the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign on the Strip, he doesn’t just keep the city’s most beloved icon standing.

He’s putting his hands on family history.

Elizondo is a third-generation “neon bender,” following in the steps of his late father who was one of the artisans credited with building and installing the sign in the late 1950s.

The elder’s specialty was shaping the glass tubes filled with neon gas and electrified to create the evocative glow that bathed the emerging desert oasis. It continues to live strong now despite the dwindling number of neon craftsmen.

Now 65 years old and looking at retirement in about a year, Elizondo is one of only three benders left at Yesco’s Vegas shop and among only 10 in the company nationwide — out of almost 1,000 Yesco employees. A few years ago, Yesco had about 30 benders, he said.

“When LED came around we slowed down a little bit but we’re still going,” he said. “We’re still going good.”

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YESCO Fabricates and Installs Field of Honor for the City of Chandler, Arizona

YESCO announces the fabrication and installation of Field of Honor at Veterans Oasis Park located at 4050 East Chandler Heights Road on the northeast corner of Chandler Heights and Lindsay roads in Chandler, Arizona.

The City of Chandler and YESCO will unveil the Field of Honor on Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11 at 5 p.m. The project includes a Stars and Stripes level, which was designed to match the exact ratio of the American Flag. The Family Plaza overlook, an elevated plaza, replicates the simplicity of the Arizona State flag overlooking the memorial's Stars and Stripes level.

Fun Facts:

  • Kimley-Horn designed the memorial, which includes six resonant themes: freedom, recognition, reflection, sacrifice, memories and family.
  • The memorial is approximately two acres.
  • Composition of the memorial included 121 total RGB LED structures of varying heights to mimic the shape of the flag.
  • 21 LED lighted plinths are submerged and entirely below earth, symbolizing the 21-gun salute for soldiers who have not returned from way.

"YESCO was an excellent partner for our Field of Honor Veteran's Memorial in Chandler," said Mickey Ohland, City of Chandler Community Services Planning Manager. "The design called for illuminated columns and their team was able to execute that vision in a memorial way."

Sierra at Tahoe Survives Caldor Fire

Drivers passing by Sierra at Tahoe were honking to the YESCO team members installing a new monument sign to signal they were glad to see activity at the ski area which was almost consumed by the Caldor Fire last September. The ski season can't be far away and the resort is ready to welcome guests.

Quoting from the resort's Instagram, "The work continues daily – in the rain, through the snow but the glimpse of the “new” to come has us daydreaming of future turns down Lower Main, stomping tricks in The Playgrounds + discovering new lines on a powder day. It will be different. How different is still unknown.

We do know that the trails + area accessed by West Bowl Express will be inaccessible this season, as we restore that section of the mountain for seasons to come. We are dedicated to keeping you informed and at the forefront of all that we do, which is why we have added a FAQ section to our Caldor Fire Updates page (link in bio). We will keep sharing answers as we learn them to all of your pressing questions and cannot wait to welcome you back to the place."

#SierraAtTahoe #CaldorFire.