YESCO Restores Exterior Signage at Historic Golden Steer Steakhouse Las Vegas

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YESCO announces it has completely restored all five exterior building signs and added a new “cocktails” sign at the historic Golden Steer Steakhouse Las Vegas. As part of the project, the steakhouse’s main sign located above its entrance was removed and replaced with white polycarbonate and vinyl graphics. YESCO also manufactured and installed a custom gold-polished aluminum decorative topper to hide any electrical components discreetly above the main cabinet. All neon tubing on the main sign was also rotated and corrected to restore its original glow.

The new 17-foot-long “cocktails” sign cabinet includes animated gold-polished aluminum border raceways to match the other signage. YESCO also removed and replaced four secondary signs with new faces and eye-catching, burgundy acrylic letters as well as the Golden Steer logo.


  • The Golden Steer Steakhouse has been continually operating in Las Vegas since 1958.
  • Famous celebrities who have dined at the Golden Steer include Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, among many others.
  • In an effort to preserve the original, historic appearance of the Golden Steer with the new sign cabinet, YESCO utilized photos depicting what the steakhouse’s signage looked like in its early years.
  • The sign restoration was part of a larger project to expand the Golden Steer as it took over the neighboring space. The entire project recently received the Mayor’s Urban Design Award in the category of “historic preservation.”

“As the oldest continually operating steakhouse in Las Vegas, we wanted to preserve the historic charm of the Golden Steer while also updating its iconic gold, burgundy and black signage,” said Jeff Young, executive vice president, YESCO. “We look forward to our signs greeting guests as they visit this must-experience landmark.”