Lighting Maintenance Lima

Here at YESCO Lima we take great pride in your business, and want to do all we can to help you keep it in top shape! Whether you have burned out bulbs, ballasts, damage, or other fixture problems, we have you covered. Whether it is your Parking Lot, Garage, Warehouse, or Building lighting we have the equipment to reach it. Give us a try today and let us show you why we retain our customers year after year with exceptional sign and lighting maintenance services!

Lighting Repair

Sign and Lighting Repairs are a regular, recurring need for many businesses that operate a lot of fixtures. Let us take this off your plate with our scheduled maintenance agreements! For a set monthly fee, based on your location’s number and types of fixtures, we will regularly patrol and repair all covered outages and problems without it even crossing into your day-to-day activities! In fact, we hope to find and fix any problems before you even notice them! This is a great way to consolidate repairs and maintenance into your planned budget and get them completely off of your mind, and is the direction many of our customers have chosen to go.