Sign & Lighting Repair

Our goal is simple – to find burnt out, damaged, and tired looking sign and lighting installations and fix them.  We help you keep your business looking its best and ensure that you are getting value for your sign and lighting investment. Clean, bright signs and parking lots have been shown to be much more appealing to clients for retail, office, and industrial businesses.


We offer sign and lighting repair services on a time and material basis. Since more than half of the service time required on a repair job is diagnosis, we encourage clients to allow us to diagnose and fix their signs and lighting in one trip – saving you (and us) an extra trip out and the costs associated.


For those with a fixed budget, we offer Not-To-Exceed (NTE) agreements where our service technician will complete the repair as long as it costs less than the authorized NTE amount, and will stop work and contact you if the repair will cost more than expected.  Our prices are competitive, our expertise and equipment are unrivaled, and we respond in a timely manner.


For those that are uncomfortable with the NTE concept, we can diagnose the problem separately and provide a detailed quote, however we do need to charge for our time spent diagnosing the problem.  If you do decide to proceed with repair work, the cost of the diagnosis can be applied to the service invoice.


Let us help you show your pride in your company by keeping you and your location looking its best!