100 Years History Revealed

Watch a series of short videos that talk about the history of our organization. You will be fascinated by the evolution of a small garage business to an international family business with over 2,000 employees.

Here is the link to the video series.

Getting used to social distancing, the lights must come on

Now that we are over the longest day of the year, and getting accustomed to keeping safe with social distancing and all the other precautions, it is time to look at your sign lighting.

We have scheduled our staff to look at signs in specific retail centres around Durham Region, to survey if signs are coming on after 9:00 PM and properly showing off your business. Listen for a phone call if you have a problem to be addressed. We will take photos of what we see and share them with you by email if you wish.

Next step is to get our skilled technicians on site to resolve the problem. Our truck is stocked with nearly everything we will anticipate needing to restore your sign on one visit. Call for a quote! 905-430-1089

Altec 41M reaches 48ft with 1000 lbs lift capacity

We acquired another truck to our fleet of service vehicles with the additional of cherry picker capable of reaching 48 ft. This truck has been wrapped with red vinyl and graphics to ensure high visibility.

With lots of storage capacity we are able to carry most items we need for repairing any sign and lighting job while on-site, therefore avoiding the cost of a second trip on standard signs. We normally have two guys on this bucket truck to keep things moving ahead quickly.

The outriggers stabilize the truck giving us lots of lift capacity for installation or removal of signs and parking lighting.

Be sure to waive to the guys when they are driving by.