Neon Sign Repair and LED Retrofitting

YESCO is well known for its work with neon sign repair and LED retrofitting. 

neon sign repair

The job required by the Piggly Wiggly required attention to detail in both areas. 

The end result of the job was YESCO and the company working together in order to create a more energy-efficient sign, which has the ability to save money in the long-term. Energy-efficient lighting is considered a good option for many established companies due to the fact that it saves money in the long term. 

LED retrofit

YESCO is so confident in the quality of its energy-efficient lighting that also offers a 5-year warranty. 

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Sign Manufacturing for 2 Companies

With years of experience, YESCO has gathered a team not only experienced in sign repair but also sign manufacturing and business sign fabrication. Recently the team of expert sign technicians were able to help two local companies with setting up their new signs. Both JK Home Furnishings and SuperCuts had no existing signs. Both companies knew that they needed the best and brightest signs for their brands.  

Once an appointment had been set with YESCO, the companies had their new signs up and running in under a week.


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