YESCO Sign & Lighting Service in Central New Jersey

YESCO is the nation’s largest privately owned sign company, family-run to this day since 1920. We have built and installed some of the largest and most impressive displays in the world, including many on the Las Vegas strip, New York Times Square and Atlantic City, including the iconic roof-mounted Revel Ball. We focus on the repair, maintenance and retrofit of existing sign and lighting applications including energy-efficient LED technology in place of traditional lighting. We look forward to earning your business!

Sign Service

Whether your sign is LED, neon, illuminated channel letter, an electronic message board, a pole sign, pylon sign, monument or building sign, we are your sign and lighting repair company for all your needs. Do you have burned out bulbs or worn out ballasts? Let us replace them. Are there electrical components malfunctioning? We can inspect and diagnose those too. Is the sign face cracked, faded, or busted? We’ll restore it. Whatever the issue, allow us to take good care of all your sign service needs.

Sign Service Example

Lighting Service

YESCO is here for all the other lighting services your business or property needs. We install, maintain, and repair the lighting for parking lots, premise lighting, garages, external and internal building lights. We also correct outages, damaged fixtures and poles, and electrical problems with precision and efficiency. Allow us to help keep your lighting systems performing optimally; call us today for any lighting service you need.

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