Lighting Repair

Our team at YESCO New Jersey Central takes great pride in your business and we want to do all we can to help you keep it in top shape! We are trained, certified, and prepared to handle any and all lighting repairs you may need. Whether it’s interior lights, parking lot lighting, building lights, or fluorescent and neon lights, our sign technicians are well-equipped to fix these repairs.

Fluorescent Light Repair

If you’re trying to provide light to a large area, we highly recommend using fluorescent light bulbs. They provide a lot of lit for their size and are an energy-efficient solution so you’ll be repairing them less often. However, no light bulb will last indefinitely and in the event you do need fluorescent light repairs, we hope you’ll turn to the experts at YESCO. Proper installation and repairs are the only way to ensure optimal performance and we are trained all types of repairs and installation procedures.

Neon Light Repair

Neon lights have been used to create eye-catching displays for decades. They’re one of the most effective advertising methods on the market! The color is created by specific rarefied gases that are difficult to artificially replicate. When the light bulb has a crack, this gas leaks out from it, which causes dim spots, or completely unlit sections. Irregular lighting makes neon signs difficult to read, which significantly minimizes their advertising impact. If your neon light needs repairs, contact us today! We’re confident our sign technicians can handle all neon light repairs in a safe and efficient manner.