Lighting Retrofit

Lighting retrofit is a process of removing existing, less efficient sign and lighting fixtures and replacing them with LED’s. LED’s are a much more reliable, better performing, and more energy-efficient type of lighting. We have the experience, the equipment, and the product selection to get the job done right, and most suitable to your specific wants and needs. Let us get to work on surveying your premises’ lighting and the lighting retrofit opportunities. By giving us a call or shooting over a service request today, we can work with you to sift through various solutions for your retrofit lighting installation and repairs, and lighting service needs.

The Benefits of Retrofit Lighting

Many customers come to us in hopes of finding a cost-saving lighting solution. Retrofit lighting will accomplish just that in two ways. The first is seen in your monthly power bill; less energy is needed to power these systems so you’ll end up having a lower power bill. The second is seen in the maintenance costs over time. These systems use energy efficiently which puts less strain on the bulbs and prevents burnout. A third benefit, while not directly tied to your bottom dollar, is the reduced environmental impact these systems have. Less maintenance and energy use is a greener way to go all around!

Retrofit Lighting Repair

We’re confident that your retrofit lighting system will be in good working order for years to come! However we also know that no lighting system is indestructible and accidents happen, such as freak weather, vandalism, and natural disasters. Should you need retrofit lighting repairs, we hope you’ll keep the experts at YESCO Sign & Lighting Service in mind. Don’t let repairs get in your way; call us today!