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A YESCO maintenance agreement is smart business.

Maintenance agreements are a no-hassle way to protect your company’s image by keeping your signs and lighting at peak working condition. YESCO Sacramento charges a flat monthly rate with no hidden extras.

We send out regular patrols to check your location thoroughly. This often allows us to dispatch a technician to repair outages before anyone at your location has even noticed them. 

Contact YESCO Sacramento today to learn more.

We love our customers!

Customers are the heart of our business. We LOVE doing business with you. Thanks for allowing us to service your sign and lighting needs. Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at YESCO Sacramento!

YESCO Featured on Amazon Prime Documentary “Neon”

We invite you to visit “Neon”, a documentary available on Amazon Prime Video that explores the history of neon as well as its influence on American culture. YESCO, along with several prominent YESCO-designed signs, are featured in the documentary. The company has strong roots in creativity, artistry, and innovation which continues to inspire the work we do.

Beginning in 1932, YESCO began its journey as a premier designer, fabricator, and installer of neon signs in Las Vegas. YESCO’s founder, Thomas Young, was one who dreamed of lighting up Las Vegas. Since that time, YESCO has created some of the most vibrant and recognizable neon signs ever built. As the documentary describes these signs, and others like them, have shaped the history of Las Vegas, contributing to the establishment of classic neon signs as a “cultural icon.”