LED Sign Repair

YESCO Salt Lake restored Codale’s vibrant and eye-catching LED signs to their full glory. 

We understand the crucial role signage plays in brand visibility, and we’re committed to helping businesses shine bright with exceptional signage solutions. 

look no further than YESCO Salt Lake City to help bring your brand to life through stunning signs and impeccable service. Contact us today and let’s illuminate your business!

Thirst Drinks

 A fun project lighting up Thirst Drinks in Millcreek. We love the work we do for local businesses!

We’re here to help

If your business experienced sign and/or lighting damage as a result of spring showers, we’re here to help you.

Our skilled service staff is responsive and reliable. We stand ready to get your damaged sign and/or lighting back in working condition. Because we have the experts, equipment, and ability you can rest assured that your signs and lighting will convey the intended impression that will make the needed difference to help your business succeed.