Your Suffolk County Sign & Lighting Service Company

Welcome to YESCO Sign & Lighting Service. We are the best maintenance service for signs and lighting in New York! We can handle just about any type of sign or lighting repair, maintenance, or servicing. We also service all of the major areas of Huntington Station and Suffolk County. YESCO has been in the electric sign and lighting business since 1920 and is now operating in New York! We focus on servicing and repairing existing signs and lighting installations.

Sign Service

Whether your sign is LED, neon, illuminated channel letter, an electronic message board, a pole, pylon, monument, or building sign, we are your go-to organization for whatever might be wrong with it. Do you have burned-out bulbs or worn-out ballasts? We got it. Are other electrical components malfunctioning? We can take care of that too. Is the sign face cracked, faded, or busted? We’ll replace it. Whatever the issue, we will take good care of all your sign service needs.

Sign Service Example Suffolk County

Lighting Service

We are your team for all the other lighting service needs on the property as well! From parking lot, premise, garage, or building lights, we have you covered. We attack outages, damaged fixtures and poles, and electrical problems with the same expertise and tenacity as we do your signs, and will get you a quick and cost-effective resolution.

Lighting Service Example