Neon Sign Repair in New York

Everybody knows the look of a neon sign. Nostalgic, glamorous, and spectacular, they have been around for decades and proudly display the names of thousands of New York businesses. That being said, have you ever noticed what just one dark letter can do to the appearance of the rest of the sign? A worn-down neon sign sends the message of a tired, dilapidated organization. Let our local, New York neon sign repair technicians come and get everything in top order again for you!

Also, did you know that neon signs can be retro-fitted with LEDs to conserve energy? This modification can result in significant savings in monthly energy costs and is a great way to strengthen the bottom line in these tough economic times. Our skilled technicians are ready to help you make the switch. Let us come take a look and see if your sign would be a good candidate for this cost-savings opportunity! And with generous incentives being offered by many power companies, you may not even have to pay the whole cost yourself!