LED Sign Repair in Tri-Cities

YESCO Tri-Cities is at the forefront of the LED evolution! We appreciate the cutting-edge technology that makes them work, as well as the advertising power they entail. With the innovation of electronic message boards, businesses can enjoy an unprecedented capacity to reach their target audience, but only if the board is functioning properly.

Energy Efficiency Rebates are here for LED lighting upgrades!

Rebate options apply to exterior lighting, parking lot lighting, wall packs, parkade lighting, interior office lighting, warehouse lighting, and more.  As experts in LED retrofits, we can help you navigate the program and upgrade your lighting for better energy efficiency and better quality lighting overall.

LED lighting can save 70-90% in energy compared to traditional lighting, and significantly reduce your maintenance costs related to bulb and ballast changes, all while providing a better quality of light.

Let our team take care of your LED sign repair needs and get your message coming through bright and clear again. We have the experience, equipment, and training to keep all of your advertising equipment functioning at full capacity, all the time! Whether your business is located in Tri-Cities, or nearby, we are here to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to call on us 24 hours a day when emergencies arise with your signs. We’re here to help.