Burger, Fries, and Fresh Signs

In the 1960s, Zip’s was the epitome of America graffiti-era drive-ins. Cars full of hungry locals would flock under its colorful awnings where classic telephones and carhops answered their call for fresh burgers and fries.

This Summer in Spokane, a new digital message center was added to their pole sign by YESCO Coeur d’Alene. Zip’s is sure to enjoy this newest addition as the drive-in continues to flourish in the Eastern Washington area.

Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo Digital Billboard Campaign

YESCO was a proud partner with the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo for their 75th anniversary. Located in Casper, Wyoming, the fair draws crowds from all over the state including Rock Springs, Rawlins and Douglas. Working together, we put together an advertising campaign across four digital billboards in Casper which delivered a total of 1.4 million impressions during the 8-week campaign. Using our digital billboards, we deployed a dynamic countdown to build anticipation for their event. Once the event started, the billboards were updated daily with refreshed artwork to make sure everyone in town knew exactly what was happening each day. After a record year in 2021, the fair and rodeo saw an 11% increase in their gate and attendance in 2022.

Congrats to Angela Berry and the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo on an amazing event! We are grateful for the friendships we are making in Casper as well as all over Wyoming.

An Old Photo Gets a Colorful New Look

In 2013, retired Las Vegas art director Harold Bradford completed a painting of the Silver Slipper sign mounted on one of our old trucks. The painting is based on a black and white photo taken in 1958 in front of the original YESCO Las Vegas building.

Bradford is well known for designing many of YESCO’s famous displays including the Stratosphere, Buffalo Bill’s, and the Rio hotel and casino. Since his retirement from YESCO, Bradford has continued to create similar oil paintings such as a beautiful desert landscape in the Mccarran Airport. 

As for the Silver Slipper sign, it was built and installed by YESCO at Silver Slipper Gambling Hall around 1955. After its retirement in 1988, the slipper was restored and put on display at the Las Vegas Neon Museum alongside some of Las Vegas’s most iconic neon signs. 

To see the original photo, click here.