Lighting & Sign Repair & Maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI

Welcome to YESCO Grand Rapids! We are your local source for all things sign and lighting! We recognize that you want your business to look its best- and nothing has a bigger impact on the professional appearance of your business than the condition of your signage and lighting.


Whether you manage one location, or multiple sites, we can help:

lighting and sign Repair: We specialize in repairing all kinds of signs and lighting fixtures. Whether you have a Neon sign that is out, a parking lot pole that won’t light, a pylon sign that is damaged, or a number of items that need attention- we are here to help you out.


Retrofits: Interested in upgrading your fixtures to energy efficient lighting? We are an industry leader in this area as well. Whether it be retrofitting one neon sign, a single lighting fixture, or your entire lighting infrastructure. We have great product options, that accommodate a myriad of applications, which will significantly cut energy costs, increase performance, and generate a great return on investment.


Service Patrols: Ever wonder if you are truly staying on top of your location’s appearance? Are you catching sign and lighting issues before your customers take notice? We take a proactive approach to help- in that we actually send out regularly scheduled patrols to look for sign and lighting problems for our customers. Give us a try, and we will be happy to add you to our routes.


Maintenance Contracts: Want to take sign and lighting maintenance off of your plate completely? Many of our customers have chosen to set up maintenance agreements, which means that in addition to providing the regular patrols, we promptly fix what we find, and are responsible for keeping everything at top notch generally- all for a flat monthly rate. This takes sign and lighting maintenance off of your plate entirely, enables us to provide prompt, hassle-free repairs, as well as allows you to budget better by avoiding unplanned expenses.

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