YESCO’s Response to Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements

Many of you may have heard about new government and private initiatives to promote vaccination.  These efforts include federal, state, and local laws or customer-imposed requirements that range from mask requirements to vaccination mandates.

The regulation that could have the largest impact on YESCO is an OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard requiring all employees to be either fully vaccinated by January 4, 2022 or undergo weekly testing. There are exceptions for medical, religious, and a limited number of other reasons.

The OSHA requirement is being challenged in the courts and there is a chance it could be delayed, modified or rejected. Because it is uncertain if and when the court challenges will have any effect, YESCO is making preparations to comply with the anticipated legal requirements

Based on the information we have today, we want to communicate directly with you regarding YESCO’s official position and plans:

  • It is not YESCO’s plan to implement a universal vaccine mandate or weekly testing unless it is required by law at some point in the future.  Safety is a top priority at YESCO, and we have promoted safety procedures to keep both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees safe at work.  We strongly encourage people to be vaccinated, but respect our co-workers’ personal decisions on vaccination.  We are proud of our track record based on our past and present COVID-19 safety procedures.
  • With or without new OSHA Temporary Standards, we will be working hard to ensure employment opportunities at YESCO for both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

We are asking for your help on a new initiative to update your Workday file with information on your vaccine status.  In the next week, you will see a message in Workday with a few easy steps to add this information, and a request to upload copies of vaccine records.  Some of you have already provided this information to HR, which is appreciated.  There are three main reasons we are asking for this information:

  1. Understanding vaccination rates will help us create location by location safety procedures that make the most sense.
  2. More of our customers are requiring vaccinations for any vendor visiting their site, and a vaccine roster will help us make plans to meet our customers’ requirements.
  3. Vaccine information may be required by OSHA down the road and we’d like to get a head start to minimize any potential disruption.

Your vaccine information will be kept in Workday and used only in accordance with applicable laws and regulations for confidentiality. If you are vaccinated, please provide a copy of your CDC vaccine card or another medical record that only lists the type and dates of the vaccine you received. Please do not provide any other medical information.

Again, please watch for a message in Workday.  We want to thank you in advance for working with us to update your employee file, and also say thank you for all that you do for YESCO every day.  Feel free to reach out to your HR representative with any questions.  Stay safe out there!

Next Steps:

  • Gather your vaccine information and take a photo of it with your phone.
  • Another email and text will follow with the link to provide your information and upload your vaccine card.


Ryan P. Young