Why are commercial signs important?

Commercial signs are important for many reasons. Like a business plan and a marketing plan, your business signage is crucial to growing your business. Commercial signs most importantly let potential customers know what your business offers and shows them where to find you.

Visibility and positioning of business signs are important so that drivers and foot traffic alike notice your signage. Other reasons commercial signage is important include:

  • Advertising 
    A good business sign lets potential customers know who you are and where you are located. An International Sign Association study concluded that “more than half of the study’s participants discovered businesses through on-premise signage. The study also found that signage can improve sales by 7%” which resulted in a “124% increase in profits”.
  • Branding
    Signage can expand your brand’s footprint, as people see your logo and get to know your business. As consumers view your sign in their local area, they begin to feel like they know your brand, and they are more likely to shop your brand. An eye-catching sign that contains your logo integrated into your advertising campaigns, commercials, and outdoor signs can result in a significant increase in sales. Even if you only sell online, a physical sign, such as an outdoor sign that consumers see in their communities can get more exposure for your brand than digital ads alone. You can also gain household name status by advertising your business in more places, with vehicle wraps and vinyl lettering that people will see as they drive around town or wherever your vehicles are parked.
  • Representing your brand’s message
    A professionally designed, produced, and installed business sign shows your business in the best light possible to represent your brand and attract more business. As your brand becomes more established in your community, updating your sign and your brand’s message encourages brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Also, as your sign functions as a reference point for the local community,  your increased recognition can gain your sign landmark status and signal a new level of success. YESCO can help with your important commercial signage!