Resorts & Casinos Signs

In 1932 YESCO expanded into the resort and casino signs industry — just a year after gaming was legalized in Las Vegas. YESCO has been creating signs for the industry ever since — not only in Las Vegas but throughout several regions of the United States and Canada where gaming is found. Because slot toppers require different techniques and equipment than say a 250-foot-tall exterior sign, we have separate manufacturing facilities for interior and exterior signs. From the early Boulder Club’s landmark sign to today’s modern spectaculars, our innovative integration of digital electronics, combined with full-spectrum capabilities and responsive customer service, has established us as the “can do” company for interior and exterior signs in resorts and casinos of every size. Because all our signs are custom designed and built for clients’ specific requirements, prices are established for each project to ensure optimal cost benefits. E-mail us for more information or contact a location nearest you. View Resort & Casino Gallery.