Advantages of leasing on-premise advertising

Signs are an advertising medium that provide businesses with:

Essential identification

Essential identification

Point of purchase

Point of purchase advertising

Business image

Communication of the business image


“Leasing signs has provided the means whereby hundreds of businesses could benefit from on premise advertising without crippling needed capital for their own business. Our sign leasing program has enabled countless businesses to succeed, grow and flourish.”
— Thomas Young, Founder, YESCO


Maintenance service

Full maintenance service is included in the monthly lease payment. Items such as cleaning, lamp replacement, and maintenance of applicable electrical or electronic components do not have to be separately contracted or arranged.

Present value & cost comparisons

When clients apply present-value-of-money calculations to the time period of the lease payments and compare that to expected costs associated with an outright purchase over the same period (including future maintenance, insurance and property tax costs) they further realize the advantages of leasing. Most capital budgeting decisions, or decisions involving time payments, are made considering the effect of present value.