Under the Sea

These interior casino displays were created for The Isle Casino - Pompano Park in Pompano Beach, FL. The casino features a high-end tropical underwater theme, so the displays needed to convey that idea throughout; from subject matter and shape design to color palette and finishes.

Our incredibly skilled craftsmen were able to capture the flowing grace of the tapering compound curves with shaped aluminum and a ground pattern under translucent candy paint finishes. The great tropical leaves were made from formed glass with solid steel armatures, and were attached to rotators so that downward-directed spotlights dapple the customer in an always changing, soft, blue and green tinted light as they play their favorite game. The abstracted exotic fish, dolphins and seahorses, smooth and sleek, stand out from the jumble of forms flowing around them, while at the same time allowing them to sink back into the overall form, when taken in as a whole, much as they do in life.

From design to installation, these displays are an amazing collaborative feat of form, finish, lighting and mechanics, and a pleasure to be a part of. Chris Mohan, Designer, YESCO Las Vegas @rt.flackfize

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