Celebrating Heroes!

In observance of the National Day of Service on January 18, 2021, YESCO East Ohio (C & L Sign and Lighting) along with Graphic Detail, Inc. from Kent, Ohio treated the teachers and staff of Suffield Elementary to sub sandwiches and snacks on January 19. As a gesture of thanks, Craig and Lisa LeMasters, owners, acknowledged the countless selfless acts of kindness the school's team provides to the students. 

"While we are a small community, the impact that the schools show our students is nothing short of true compassion, and a magnitude of commitment.  Today’s elementary schools have more on their shoulders than ever to see that tomorrow’s students represent our future, said Craig."

Below is a copy of the letter sent to the school:

Dear Principal Bookman:

"As a local company in the community, we wanted to express our sincerest gratitude.  We are thankful and value that our schools ensure that our young students start off with the best opportunity of an education and the support needed while tackling the struggles of teaching in-class and remotely.  They tackle each day's challenge with a fresh beginning.  It not easy by any means to teach a classroom of young children, especially with the added obstacles of COVID, yet these fine individuals get up every day with bright smiles to push these children to overcome what they may encounter in their day-to-day lives.  We hope that our small gesture will brighten the day to all those teachers and staff that have made such a profound difference in so many lives.  As many of us are all going through our own personal hardships, losses, and daily hurdles, I hope that today that we as a community can give back to that special person that probably needs that kind word or gesture more than any of us will ever know.  No matter if it’s a thank you, or you did a great job, or just someone to listen to.

Thank you Suffield Elementary teachers and staff for being that light that shines on our children and in our community. "

Craig & Lisa LeMasters

YESCO Ohio East

Mrs. Bookman, Principal, Craig LeMasters, YESCO