How do signs get made?

Creating effective billboards, Out Of Home (OOH) signage, and indoor signage requires following a process that begins with a clear understanding of the purpose you want the sign to accomplish. Next, that understanding should be conceptualized into design and messaging that incorporates elements like color and font size. Messaging should be brief and clear, with photos, symbols and graphics used to maximum effect. Design software allows designers to create digital mockups that can easily be manipulated to get the exact look you’re after.

Material is as important as messaging and must be durable to maintain a good appearance and project quality to your audience. Today there are a wide variety of substrates to choose from and many sustainable materials offer even better visual results at lower costs than the traditional and nonrecyclable ones.

The design is then converted into a format suitable for production, such as paper, wood, plastic or wood, and fabrication techniques such as cutting and shaping, printing and assembly bring your sign from concept to shape. Protective coatings or laminates are applied to enhance the appearance and improve its durability. Finally, the sign is mounted on poles, attached to structures, or built to be free-standing where it will gain the most notice.

It’s best to turn to an experienced and trusted sign company to produce your signs and answer your questions. This is especially true when it comes to installing and maintaining your sign throughout the life of your brand.