What is the best material for outdoor signs?

When choosing the best material for outdoor signage, there are a few options to consider. These options offer various benefits for your particular signage needs, such as:


An affordable option, aluminum is lightweight, durable, strong, and rigid. Aluminum is quite versatile for outdoor signage, as it is:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant
  • Recyclable

This means that aluminum signs won’t rust, split, bleach out, warp, or shatter due to weather conditions, and aluminum signs can be recycled when it’s time to upgrade your signs. Aluminum can be used as a substrate that vinyl and print panels can be attached to. Easily customizable, aluminum comes in a variety of different weights or gauges for use in a wide variety of signs from yard signs, to post and panel signs to heavy duty permanent signage.


Extremely durable, plastic PVC is an affordable option for outdoor signs, as it is:

  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • A material that never fades or loses its shape
  • Can be cut into customized forms
  • Can be printed in hi-res, with vibrant colors

Because PVC is lightweight, it can be used for printing large signs that attach to external walls. Also, a great option for A-frame signs as it lends itself well to moving and transporting signs to various shows and events.


Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), made with a solid polyethylene core and an attractive aluminum surface, offers:

  • Exceptional strength and resilience to the elements.
  • Professional high quality finishes 
  • Highly customizable material that can be cut to any size and shape

ACM comes in several different types. Some types contain solid polyethylene sheets in the middle layer and others contain ribbed/corrugated plastic cores. More expensive than aluminum or PVC, ACM is also stronger than either material with its plastic core that offers thickness and depth without any extra weight. For signs with customized shapes or dimensions, such as wall-mounted signs or large letters and shapes for special occasions, such as Christmas decor.


Also known as Plexiglas, vinyl sheeting is used on the front of exterior light cabinet signs where lighting needs to shine through. Sturdy and fade-resistant, acrylic provides a glossy finish and illumination. 


For outdoor banners and temporary outdoor signs, vinyl is a great choice, as it is:

  • A durable material
  • Withstands most kinds of weather, including extreme temperature conditions.
  • Can last for several seasons and be reused repetitively.
  • Ideal for printing high definition and vivid colors on for high visibility purposes
  • Inexpensive
  • Highly portable

For seasonal banners, special events, festivals, and fundraisers, vinyl is a great option for outdoor signage. Great for A-frame signs, vinyl allows you to change your message at a minimal cost. Contact YESCO for help with your outdoor signage!