Why are branding and signage important?

Branding and signage are important in identifying your business, locating your business and growing your business. You want your brand to become familiar to consumers, so well-placed signage, with your logo and message are crucial to your business’s success. The more consumers come into contact with your brand, the more they will trust it. Therefore, consistent signage is important across all channels to attract customers to your brand and to build brand loyalty. Your signage becomes a part of your community’s backdrop and can even gain household name status, as well as landmark status. For example, you can tell someone to turn left at McDonald’s or at the first street past WalMart. Promoting your brand in as many places as possible can build your brand recognition in your local area, for local businesses that aren’t part of national franchised companies. Advertising your business in your community might take the form of displaying  banners at your local sports stadium, on area pages, and on other local business pages. Sponsoring fundraising and sporting events in your community lets consumers know you are invested in your community.

For visitors to your community, your signage can make the difference between increasing your sales and going nowhere. Consumers want to know what to expect about the products or services you offer from your signage and are wary of businesses with no signage and poor signage. In fact,

  • A little more than 76% of consumers visit a store or business due to attractive signage.
  • 66% of consumers have a poor opinion of a business because of its signage.
  • Almost  79% of consumers believe that signage reflects the quality of a business and the product or service offered.
  • Around 75% reported purchasing something in the past because a sign caught their eye.
  • 70.5% of consumers are less likely to enter a business that doesn't have a sign.

Excellent signage and branding go hand-in-hand in establishing your brand and building brand loyalty. Contact YESCO to learn more about how your signage can affect your bottom line!