Why is signage important in a business?

Business signage is important for many reasons. Signage in your business starts with your outdoor signage that provides an excellent marketing tool to increase your brand’s awareness and attract business. Consumers want to know where you are located and react positively to attractive business signs. A FedEx survey found that “almost 76% of American consumers enter a store they have never visited before based on its signs, and “nearly 68% have actually purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye.”  

Your outdoor signage can extend to outdoor signs and vehicle wraps that advertise your business anywhere you stop or go. Likewise, directional and safety signage in your parking lot should reflect your corporate brand, as well as well-lit signs that clearly point the way to your business’s entrance and customer parking.

Inside your business, your signage should reflect your corporate identity with wayfinding signs that contain your logo and corporate colors. Your corporate brand identity should be incorporated into the decor of boardrooms, office spaces, and break areas. In retail spaces, hanging banners can be used to draw attention to departments or special sales.

In healthcare environments, according to wallboard.usa, “a study by Arbitron Inc. found that 75% of hospital patients could recall at least one message from a digital sign. If you have essential information for your patients, your best bet is to add it to your digital signage.” In this digital day and age, where newspaper ads can’t be expected to outperform other advertising media, it is still surprising that good business signage is more important to over half of the US population than social media in attracting customers.

Signs are important for your business. Contact YESCO to help with your business signage!